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We invite you to join our mission to keep teenagers and young adults safe by reducing the Bystander Effect and speaking up against GHB, the date-rape drug.

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the project

M10H, a pioneering narrative VR venture led by Fanni Fazakas, in collaboration with survivors of substance abuse. Users assume the role of the bystander, influencing the storyline's trajectory. Ethically designed with expert guidance, players navigate tough choices—rescuing a young woman named Mara or succumbing to the role of the perpetrator. The multiplayer element adds a dynamic twist, amplifying the impact of every decision.

the story

We're all bystanders when we witness situations endangering someone's safety. As M10H VR visitors immerse themselves in a night-time party, where fun reigns supreme, they encounter Greg's belief in prioritizing enjoyment over consequences. They'll observe Mara, a 22-year-old woman, gradually losing control without explanation, making her vulnerable. Visitors shape the night's outcome, facing ethical dilemmas as other characters introduce new possibilities.

GHB is colorless, odorless and it dissolves in a drink pretty easily.

It causes blackouts, wherein the victim loses control over their body and their actions, becoming completely defenseless.

GHB is often used for sexual assaults, robbery, or human and organ trafficking; and is one of the most common causes of drug-related deaths. A few drops of GHB can knock you out and steal an important part of human dignity, the ability to control your life and body.

The Bystander effect in ambigous party situations:

If someone is hurt in the context of a party, not everyone reacts. People who are present in such a situation, but are not in the role of the aggressor or victim, they are considered to be bystanders.

There are three main types of bystanders: followers (assistants), who do not initiate, but take an active role in the bullying; behavior supporters (reinforcers), who support the bullying behavior (overtly or covertly, e.g. by turning a blind eye) but do not take an active role in the bullying; and behavior defenders, who dislike the bullying and try to help the target by intervening.

The socio-psychological interventions we intend to introduce with VR can lead to long-term behavioral changes as they contribute to an adaptive reinterpretation of various situations. If people can understand potentially dangerous social situations, they will become more active agents. The present situation is very specific about how to become an active agent in an emerging rape situation at a party and act appropriately to defend the victim, instead of being a passive bystander.



Rumex Fanni is an XR Director, Unreal Engine Technical Artist and Co-founder of RUMEXR. Obtaining her diploma from New York University ITP Program in 2019 her focus turned towards immersive technologies. As a storyteller and researcher who believes in social justice and equality, she investigate how real-time applications and motion capture can be effectively used in edutainment and art practices to achieve a long-term impact.

Veronika Szakonyi

Noémi Veronika Szakonyi is a freelance film director and producer.  Noémi is the founder and managing director of Match Frame Productions, a boutique film production company, focusing on documentaries and short films. The films she produces are supported by HBO Europe, Creative Europe MEDIA and the Hungarian Film Institute. Noemi is a Sundance Documentary Film Program Grantee 2015, 2019 and 2021. She has currently four documentary projects in production and one VR piece in post production. Noémi is a member of the Hungarian Documentary Association (MADOKE) and the New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT).

Krisztina Meggyes

Krisztina is the director and protagonist of Missing 10 Hours, as the film is based on her personal story. She received her Master’s Degree in Documentary Directing from the University of Theater and Film Arts in Budapest. Currently she is studying on the Doctorate program, she researches social impact and related ethics in documentary films. In 2017 she co-founded Little Bus Production, a production company based in Hungary that focuses mainly on young talents both from the documentary and the fiction film field, since then she also works as producer.


Máté Artur Vincze is a fresh MFA graduate of the NYU Tisch Graduate Film program at New York University. He's currently based in Budapest, managing Match Frame Productions, a boutique production company with Noémi Veronika Szakonyi. They have four feature-length documentaries in production. He also received a Master’s Degree in Documentary Directing from the University of Theater and Film Arts in Budapest. Besides producing, he also works on his first feature-length documentary as a director about international adoption.

dr. gábor

Dr. Gabor Orosz is a researcher at University of Artois (France). He wrote more than 100 international papers and based on Google Scholar, he has 3854 citations (Hindex=34, H10index=65). Previously he worked as an intervention developer at Stanford University with Professors Greg Walton, Carol Dweck, and Philip Zimbardo then he has worked on social psychological intervention projects in various countries (Hungary, France, Serbia, US). His contribution will be related to the intervention design and efficacy assessment.

dr. máté

Dr. Máté Kapitány-Fövény is a clinical psychologist, and an assistant professor.  He has been working with addicts for more than ten years, both in the field of therapeutic care and addiction research. He is a member of the Presidential Board of the Hungarian Association on Addictions and the public body of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He holds courses on addictology at national and foreign universities. He is the author of the books ‘Függöben - Az alkoholizmus lélektana’ (In dependence - The psychology of alcoholism) and ‘Ezerracú függőség - Felismerés és felépülés’ (Thousand faces of addiction - Recognition and recovery).


Creative producer, co-owner at OCG Immersive Studio, producer at arx anima, the widely known animation company in Vienna. She was the CEO of the ODD Animation Studio in Budapest. As a Post Producer she worked on high end VFX & 3D projects (e.g. Myths and Monsters) for Netflix and won several prizes, such as the 3D Excellence Award or the Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards. With her journalist background she worked for HBO GO as a content editor. She specializes in immersive productions, mobile games and social responsibility projects


Daniel Benyi is Film Producer and XR Supervisor committed to the power of visual storytelling. Over 10 years he has experience leading film & animation productions, creative campaigns, and new media projects. Daniel co-founder of Cyd Virtual Studio and Alpaca Picture, specializing in animation, real-time solutions, and virtual production.





The most important part of our distribution plan is the educational goal.
We aim to organize campus tours in Hungary, in several European countries, and in the US in order to raise awareness of GHB, sexual harassment, and bullying among youngsters (16-26).

Currently we are looking
for international distribution.

Supported by / Partners



Created by


Directed by

Fanni Fazakas

Written by

Fanni Fazakas, Zsanett Kertész, Krisztina Meggyes

Produced by

Noémi Veronika Szakonyi, Máté Artur Vincze


Réka Fésűs. Dániel Bényi

Art Direction

Fanni Fazakas, Zara Maria Olsson

Sound Design

Infaze Studio


Cecilia Trabalka - Traila

Motion Capture Acting

Márk Márfi, Blanka Szekeres, Péter Katona

Motion Capture Supervisor

István Gindele

3D Art

Szívós Dániel, Zara Maria Olsson, Kornél Mészáros


Anna Klaniczay

character design

fruzsi khor

graphic design

Rita honosi, natália varga


Flóra - Dominika Rezes
Gergő - Márk Márfi
Alíz - Sophie Török
Domi - Péter Katona
Bouncer - Simon Szabó
Taxi Driver - Sena Dagadu
Policeman - Ferenc Tóth Simon
Policewoman - Blanka Szekeres

CAST eng

Mara - Natasha Arancini
Greg - Daniel Amerman
Alice - Sophie Török
Nicky - Maxwell Glick
Bouncer - Chris McCullough
Taxi Driver - Sena Dagadu
Chef - Nicolas Greco
Policeman - Brendon Jenkins
Policewoman - Michelle Morgan